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Who are we?

October 2019, at the UNESCO world heritage church Cathedral of St James, Šibenik, Croatia

Two Dutch Kiwis addicted to travel. What some of our friends and family might find extreme travel, is just normal to us.

After successful corporate career one as a Finance Manager for the biggest FMCG company in the world for 10 years I needed a break. I embarked on a solo journey back to the Netherlands and Sri Lanka of six months to catch up with friends and family. I had not seen my husband Mark for four months, we met in the arrivals hall at Istanbul airport. After 4 weeks of touring Turkey he flew home and I became a tour guide for a friend in Italy. I finally got home six months later.

In 2016 I did eight trips to Australia to sort out how we were going to fulfill our overlanding dream. In between tragedy happened we lost my beloved dad in Sri Lanka aged 70. It was that turning moment in live, when you realize we only have 21 summers left.

After bringing him home to NZ we put all our affairs in place, and left to overland by purpose built vehicle around Australia. The remoter, the better.

After our first lap, we left our vehicle “Nest” in Brisbane, Australia in late 2018 to achieve our next goal…. to complete our final section of train journey around the globe. Russia was the missing piece of the puzzle, we did the Trans Siberian Train in winter 40,000 km from Hong Kong via the Arctic Circle to Ijsselstein, the Netherlands and on to London one month later. We were intending to go back to Australia to meet our Nest, as we had left her behind as we could not get her winterized for the Siberian winter in time.. but we were having so much fun. We have only just arrived home after 22 months of driving, and get trains around Europe.. after all it was a good opportunity to show my husband of 27 years, my former playing ground Europe.

We came home due to Covid 19 in March 2020, and completed 68 countries.. even the NZ border police said “Welcome Home” and “Wow, you two have been some places”..

This is our story and to share our experiences of travelling the world.. it is after all, not our first time of travelling for long periods of time, in 1999/2000 we cycled thru Europe for 6 months…

One can achieve their dreams, we have completed 360,000 km of travel crossing close to 83 borders countries. What an achievement.

The next trip is already in the planning stage.. the Silk route with our Nest from Brisbane, Australia to Ijsselstein, the Netherlands once we have retired.

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