Our YouTube Channel at Travellers Nest Overland for short videos taken over the last 3.5 years of travel.

One minute videos, are videos edited on the road.

Long videos, S1E1 to S1E18 are fully edited videos:

Hong Kong Travel Series: S1E1 to S1E6

S1 E1: Temples on hong kong island, hong kong

China Travel Series: S1E6 to S1E16

s1 e6 Hong kong to Beijing, china Trans Mongolian train trip

Border Crossing Information: China to Mongolia S1 E17

Even after 83 countries, this was one of the most toughest border crossing in our lives yet. I hate to think, what it will be like with our truck, the Nest, in a few years.

s1 e7: trans siberian border crossing china to mongolia

Mongolia Travel Series: An winter expedition Overland trip by 4×4 S1E12 to S1E18

In Mongolia, we were finally back in a 4wd drive vehicle after 2 months. We hired a 4×4 and guide/translator for 2 weeks. One of the most beautiful countries in the world we have been to. Remote like the Australian desert. We were so at home, despite winter conditions at minus 5 to 10 during the day. We are going back to this beautiful country in the future, hopefully in winter again.

Trailer on Highlights of central mongolia – a winter 4×4 expedition

Trans Siberian Train Travel Series: Russia E16 to E18

Siberia was just, what we had imagined it to be.. but more beautiful. The landscape is so different from New Zealand and Australia, but similar in a lot of way. Remote and a Christmas tree landscape for 100s of km.

Russia is a country, that should be experienced by everyone once in their lifetime. It is sensational.. We experienced temperatures of up to minus 30, while crossing Siberia on the Trans Siberian train. Unfortunately, we could not get our truck, the NEST, winterized on time in Australia.

We have now accomplished crossing the globe by train.. what is an experience…

Our latest YouTube Video, S1E18 we have crossed the border into Russia.

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